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Organic Rug Cleaning

There are many benefits to choosing an organic rug cleaning process for the floor coverings in your home. Many carpet cleaning ‘experts’ claim to use the best technologies and most innovative cleaners, but often use unsafe chemicals to clean your rugs and carpets. These harsh products make things easier for your rug cleaning professionals as they require much less ‘elbow grease’ for stain removal. However, harsh fumes and chemicals are hardly safe for your family home. Here at Green Rug Cleaning we understand your desire to provide the best environment possible for your home. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best in organic rug cleaning services.

While green products for organic rug cleaning are readily available in our industry, they are not always the first choice of rug cleaning companies. Even though they are safer, many rug cleaning companies seek to use chemicals that are stronger, in an effort to get rugs and carpets cleaned as quickly as possible. Many of the chemicals used in these cases are designed to clean without agitation, so they work without hand cleaning or the application of any water. True hand cleaning is labor intensive and can take a significant amount of time if done right and done well. True organic cleaning solutions are gentler, free of toxic chemicals and are safe for the environment and you!

While organic rug cleaning chemicals can extend the cleaning process, the payoffs far outweigh the drawbacks. Many handmade rugs are too fragile and aged to stand up to the harsh deterget and cleaners. Our organic rug cleaning process is 100% natural and features chemically neutral cleansers that safely and gently lift stains and soils from your rug. Try the difference for yourself. Contact the specialist at Green Rug Cleaning today for a consultation regarding your next organic rug cleaning session.

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