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Green Rug Repair

The purchase of a handmade rug represents a significant investment on your part. Protecting that investment means using only the best and most authentic methods to clean and restore your handmade rug as needed. From Oriental to Turkish, Persian to Indian, there are more than sixty thousand weave styles for handmade rugs. We understand that each handmade rug is unique, and appreciate your desire to keep your rug in the best shape possible. That’s why we specialize in authentic green rug repair and cleaning methods. We help restore rugs to their original condition, without any sacrifice of the rug’s sentimental, cultural, or monetary value.

Our green rug cleaning processes work to restore even the rarest of rugs with the most complicated of weaves. Using only organic dyes, and the prowess of on-site master weavers, we set to work to recreate and reweave even the largest of sections of rugs. We can repair rips, tears, staining or discoloration – even the most challenging of rug issues is no match for us. We use the traditional, age-old, green rug repair methods to restore and renew your rug. That’s our promise.

While using newer methods and chemicals to repair contemporary rugs is often most appropriate, damage done to more traditional handmade rugs can be made worse with the use of newer, untested procedures or harsh chemicals. These can destroy the integrity of the piece, and thus devalue the rug. We prefer to take a green approach to our rug repair. Wherever we can, we try to use only traditional methods and dyes.

Your antique rug has sentimental value, and we understand. Improper restoration and repair can cause irreparable damage to your rug. Green rug repair, by qualified, trained and experienced green rug repair experts is your best bet. Our technicians and master weavers have a long-standing history of excellence within our community and abroad. We are standing by to serve you – call us today for a consultation.

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